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Beasts Behind Me chp 4: Bar Talk
"First lets order something to drink, trust me, you're going to need it"
"Uh...We don't drink"
"Pfft that's only because you've never had a proper one. I promise it won't be any of that tea crap your owners use to force down your throats. Figuratively speaking."
"I'm afraid we must still decline Mitsuki"
"Ha! Speak for yourself rabbit." Bonnie winked. "I'll take you up on your offer. What do you recommend?"
"Hmmm you look like you would enjoy a good margarita or absinthe. Charles, we'd like one Passionate Margot and...anything you want James?"
"I'll have my usual"
"One whiskey on the rocks, another Imp's Delight for me and something strong for long-ears over here"
"You got it!" The bartender gave her a wink and went off to make our drinks.
"Relax cotton-tail, Charles has been in the bar business for many a century. He knows what suits an individual's taste"
I sighed, there was no way around this woman! As pretty as she was, she didn't come off as how I first perceived her. She l
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Beasts Behind Me Chp 3: The Convention
A few hours later your grandmother woke the two of us up and shooed us into two separate rooms. Bonnie in their bedroom and me in her husband's office where he sat in his computer chair, talking on the phone. Your grandmother popped back in and set some white fabric and onto a separate chair before popping back out. I examined the pile and realized that it was some sort of costume.
"What is this?"
"Your costume. Mitsuki is at the convention center down on Noble. They're holding one of those costume things down there"
"But sir I already look like I am in costume"
"Maybe but your clothes reek of blood and dirt. They won't be letting you anywhere near the place"
"And THIS will help me get in?" I said holding up the costume.
"That is a perfectly good Egyptian pharaoh costume. Bonnie will be wearing my wife's Cleopatra garb. They're the only costumes that were not eaten by bugs. Now hurry up and get dressed or we'll never find parking"
About a half hour later we were dress
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Rick and Morty Blanket and Pillowcase by MissNotSoAverage Rick and Morty Blanket and Pillowcase :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 0 0 Customized 3DS: Space Dandy by MissNotSoAverage Customized 3DS: Space Dandy :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 0 0 Customized 3DS: Kuro-sensi by MissNotSoAverage Customized 3DS: Kuro-sensi :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 2 0 Judy Hopps Cosplay by MissNotSoAverage Judy Hopps Cosplay :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 1 0 Judy Hopps feet by MissNotSoAverage Judy Hopps feet :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 1 0
Beasts Behind Me Chp 2: To Grandpa's House We Go
    I began to search the closets looking for a couple bags that the two of you could use to stash your stuff in while Bonnie tended to your injuries. Your school backpacks were to small to carry anything other than all the school supplies they had already stuffed into them. Suitcases were out of the question. Too awkward to carry and too noisy if we were to pull them along on the pavement. I had found a brown duffle bag and a backpack your father must have used when he went to college. I packed a bunch of clothes, tooth paste and tooth brushes, some blankets and a couple of other things. It was 12:30 in the morning when I finished. We needed to leave before it got bright outside.
"Almost ready Bonnie?"
"We're ready. How does it look outside?"
"It's still pretty dark but it will get brighter in about another hour or so."
"Good. I can't stand the smell from that insect much longer."
"We still need to figure out what we are going to do with her."
"We could bury her or burn
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Hummingbird by MissNotSoAverage Hummingbird :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 3 1 Profile Portrait by MissNotSoAverage Profile Portrait :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 1 0 The forest by MissNotSoAverage The forest :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 0 0 Bones And Flowers by MissNotSoAverage Bones And Flowers :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 0 0
Beasts Behind Me Chp 1: A Strange Beginning
Warning: A little bit of cursing (nothing terrible or over the top though) and some blood and dark scenes but no guts
    We have been together for a long time you and I. I remember the first time we met like it was yesterday. You were much smaller back then, not as small as I but you were definitely small none the less. Your hair was shorter too and your hands, oh your hands were the smallest little hands I ever laid my eyes upon. They were also the most dangerous. Nothing, I repeat nothing was more dangerous than your curious little hands (besides your mother's washing machine.) They would tug and yank on my ears, my tail, squeeze my head, and dress me in ridiculous clothes and feed me with what you would call food that you had "baked" in that ridiculous easy-bake oven. Often I had questioned myself whether or not you truly loved me. What had I done to deserve these tortures, these frilly clothes and unsavory foods that left a mess all over my lovely fur? Surely I was being
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A Portrait by MissNotSoAverage A Portrait :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 0 0 Meow plushie from Space Dandy (back) by MissNotSoAverage Meow plushie from Space Dandy (back) :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 1 2 Meow plushie from Space Dandy by MissNotSoAverage Meow plushie from Space Dandy :iconmissnotsoaverage:MissNotSoAverage 1 2


TMNT- Disobeying Orders
Wiping the encrusted sands of sleep from their eyes, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo stretched and yawned as they trudged to the kitchen for breakfast time. Bidding each other a simple 'good morning' as they poured their cereal and coffee, the boys slowly began to wake up their brains from their eight-hour nap.
                “Mornin’ Don,” Leo hummed while fishing through the cupboard to find the box of Cheerios.
                “Mornin’, Leo,” Don replied with a yawn as he poured his coffee before turning to his youngest brother to say, “Mornin’, Mikey.”
                “Mornin’, dude,” Mikey recommenced cheerily while he searched through the box of Apple Jacks for the prize as he mumbl
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The Miscalculation
The Miscalculation
“Where’s Master Splinter?” Raph asked after peeking into his father’s room.
“He took Mikey and Don on a training run so they could map some tunnels in the south quadrant,” Leo told him, on his way from the kitchen to the dojo.
Raph followed him, watching as Leo pulled the box of bent throwing stars out of the cabinet it was stored in. When Leo set them on a work bench, Raph came over, lifting a star and grimacing at the bent metal.
“Why didn’t ya’ go with them?” Raph asked as he tossed the star back into the box.
Leo glanced at him and then back into the cabinet as he dug out various tools. “It was a training run for Mikey,” he emphasized. “He doesn’t need any more distractions or reasons to slack off. Don wouldn’t have gone either if he didn’t need to finish that section of his map.”
Raph snorted. “They’ll be gone a while.”
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Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn by loish Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn :iconloish:loish 10,507 216
Accidentally Ch. 1
Bridget Larkin was a typical teenage girl. Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and short for her age, she was no popular cheerleader. She was no 'cool' kid. She wasn't the most artistic, funny or social able person in the school. She wasn't even the skinniest little child with a habit of wearing the skimpiest clothes. Despite her family's rumours and situation, she felt most comfortable in her black jeans and t-shirts.
From a young age, she had been taught that you must respect others, earning respect in return, and especially respect your elders. This had led to an interesting growth in her soul to please whoever she came across, to make herself known, worthy and proven in others' eyes.
But she did have an interesting life.
No, it wasn't usually filled with the adventure or excitement that she liked to immerse herself in with her books and movies, but she liked to think that if she tried hard enough, it could one day happen. She loved travel, lived for the adventure she had so easily enjoyed
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Color Change
Color Change
Mikey leaned back in his chair as he surveyed the cards in his hand. Idly reaching onto the table in front of him, he snagged one of the orange colored chocolate candies and popped it into his mouth.
"Don't eat the 'money', Mikey," Don told him.
"I can't help it," Mikey said. "If we used celery sticks I wouldn't be tempted."
"Yeah, Leo would," Raph said with a chuckle.
"I think I could dig up enough willpower to not eat our currency," Leo returned. "That's all you need to do, Mikey, exert some willpower."
"Why do you only eat the orange ones?" Don asked, watching as Mikey's fingers once more crawled towards his stash of candy.
Mikey's fingers stopped their quest as the youngest grinned sheepishly. "I don't only eat the orange ones."
"Ya' always eat the orange ones first," Raph said.
"That's 'cause they taste the best," Mikey told him.
"There is absolutely no difference between the taste of the orange coated ones and the rest of the colors," Don said.
"Says you," Mik
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Building Portals by twistedCaliber Building Portals :icontwistedcaliber:twistedCaliber 546 32 SPACE DANDY meow by phation SPACE DANDY meow :iconphation:phation 916 59 Neko Noire by RobotCatArt Neko Noire :iconrobotcatart:RobotCatArt 2,573 195 Prison turtles by LinART Prison turtles :iconlinart:LinART 306 47 Black-bun by phation Black-bun :iconphation:phation 621 22 Black Guro Lolita Bunny Hat by SewDesuNe Black Guro Lolita Bunny Hat :iconsewdesune:SewDesuNe 149 7 eBay auction - black jackalope by Magweno eBay auction - black jackalope :iconmagweno:Magweno 321 27 Rabbit tat tat by nekophoenix Rabbit tat tat :iconnekophoenix:nekophoenix 363 68
Leonardo 2003 x reader: A trap (Part One)
Your body felt cold, freezing cold even. The sound of water dropping to the ground was ever present and slowly, oh so slowly, you were slipping back into consciousness.
It was dark when you opened your eyes again. You couldn’t recall what had happened but you felt like you have been out for quite some time. Your body felt sore and your head hurt like hell.
The moment you sat up you felt nauseous and you headache multiplied. Instantly your hand went to the back of your head, where you located the epicenter of your racking headache.
But instead of feeling your silky hair and smooth skin you felt a rough plug of hair and dried blood.
“The hell happened?”  you gasped, while closing your eyes to stop the world from spinning any further.
You took deep breaths and calmed down your racing heart with soothing thoughts, just like Leo used to teach you during meditation sessions.
You opened your eyes slowly and it actually worked. Your headache was still going strong, but n
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Leonardo 2003 x reader: Is it okay to be selfish?
New york. You have always dreamed of a chance to go there and now your dream has finally come true. Your aunt April o’Neil has asked you to move in with her and help her with her shop.
You didn’t even needed time to think about your answer. You booked your flight the very same day and now after weeks of waiting. You left the airport with your beloved aunt and her boyfriend.
“I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!” April was swooning over you, all the way to the apartment.
You took it with a smile, as soon as you got settled in with everything it might stop, besides you don’t wanted to anger your aunt. She did so much for you already.
------Time skip------
You got used to everything pretty quickly, you didn’t get lost in the big city any longer and you and April got used to each other. Okay you still had some trouble with getting used to Casey, but would blame you? That guy is nuts, but has a soft heart. Especially for your aunt. You could
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Leonardo 2003 x reader: fear of failing
You would have never thought that you would ever be scared to lose the turtles. They always seemed to be unbeatable. They always came back, hurt alright but never too gravely hurt. Now things have changed and it would never be the same for you again...
The worry never left your eyes as you scanned the room. Watching over the boys, see if you could do something, anything to make them feel better. This time they almost didn’t make it. This time the shredder nearly won, if it weren’t for the utroms. And you would be grateful for them  for the rest of your life.
Your eyes came to a rest on Leonardos back. He too was badly hurt, not only on the outside, you could tell that much and you had to keep in your tears. If you would have lost him... You didn’t even want to think about it. You have made a decision on your way to the farmhouse, you needed to tell him how you felt for him. Maybe it would help him heal, but even if not, it would lift a burden off your heart. You
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Hey all!
Soooo recently I've been suggested that I should make customized pop figures on as commissions. If you need to see some of my work just check out my two Kill La Kill ones that I made for my boyfriend! I honestly love making those and I think it would fun to do it again. I know Funko! has hundreds of these things out there but who doesn't want one that's unique and one of a kind? Such as an Easter Bunny Deadpool or Ichigo Kurosaki in a Kon onesie. I'm sure there are more amazing ideas out there and I would love to pursue them all! If anybody is reading this and wants to give me some feedback, please by all means, feel free to do so. I welcome all and everything.


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Hello! im a not so average girl that likes to
-read books (including manga and some comics)
-draw my own creations
-play video games on my 3DS and PS3
-listen to all sorts of music
-sew and craft things and some other funky stuff
i love seeing what other people can do with their artistic skills and hope to one day learn animation and work for a company such as Dreamworks! I appreciate everyone who has come to see my deviations both old and new. I'm not always on but i try to post as much as i can when i am!


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